Big Backyard BBQ Qualifiers

Big Backyard BBQ Qualifiers

Qualifiers picked at random each day. Keep entering until you make the list.
Want more ways to qualify? Visit us at one of our tasting spots below. You could get yourself qualified at a tasting spot, win some cool prizes and taste some of Miller Lite’s NEW products.

Tasting Spot Locations Thursdays from 5:00 PM till 6:30 PM

  1. New Adventures Bar Grill Arcade 341 Fletcher Ave. Waterloo 08-01-19
  2. Damons Sports Bar and Grill 2122 Kimball Ave. Waterloo 08-08-19
  3. Hometown Foods 1010 E. Mitchell Ave. Waterloo 08-15-19
  4. Casey’s 218 Pub 4014 University Ave. Waterloo 08-22-19
  5. Chad’s Pizza 909 W. 23rd St. Cedar Falls 08-29-19


Daily Qualifiers:

  1. Dan Mooler of Waterloo
  2. Mo Oconnor of Evansdale
  3. Cory Platt of Waterloo
  4. Justin Harrold of Evansdale
  5. Ken Lewis of Reinbeck
  6. Craig White of Evansdale
  7. Peter Tobar of Waterloo
  8. Lane Kannegieter of Dike
  9. John Damme of Waterloo
  10. Janet Worden of Evansdale
  11. Sahsa Glaspie of Brandon
  12. Brooke Lawrence of Waterloo
  13. Gail Lewis of Reinbeck
  14. Tayyt Walters of Waterloo
  15. Zach White of Cedar Falls
  16. Rory Willett of Raymond
  17. John Dunakey of Shell Rock
  18. Amy Picha of Evansdale
  19. Dawn Miltenberger of Waterloo
  20. Casy Cory of Waterloo
  21. Kristy Hammargen of Washburn
  22. Mike Loomer of Jesup
  23. Troy Ambrosy of Waterloo
  24. Dale Schulte of Cedar Falls
  25. Jacob Bedard of Waterloo
  26. Justin Jackson of Waverly
  27. Deann Ambrosy of Waterloo
  28. Michele Clark of Waterloo
  29. Joel Hammergren of Washburn
  30. Amanda Swaggerty of Waterloo
  31. Randy Richmond of Waterloo
  32. Kay Witt of Reinbeck
  33. Jeffery Marsh of Hudson
  34. Mark Scheel of Cedar Falls
  35. Rachael Gatewood of Waterloo
  36. Dawn Diggins of Waterloo
  37. Thaddeus Childers of Evansdale
  38. Sue Eddy of Waterloo
  39. Adam Burg of Hudson
  40. Adella Nelson of Waterloo
  41. Andrew Mallon of Janesville
  42. Cathy Jansen of Dike
  43. Megan Gesie of Waterloo
  44. Angie Webb of Waterloo
  45. Jesse Mills of Waterloo
  46. Mark Rose of Jesup
  47. Josh Devlin of jesup
  48. David Surovy of Evansdale
  49. Brice Thompson of New Hartford
  50. Leann Moore of Parkersburg
  51. Jenn Crooks of Waterloo
  52. Dani Holm of Gilbertville
  53. Bret Kruse of Cedar Falls
  54. Laura VanPatten of Cedar Falls
  55. Ashley Bass of Raymond
  56. Jean Peters of Waterloo
  57. Amy Rieck of Waterloo
  58. Austin Dengler of Cedar Falls
  59. Brady Bockholt of Readlyn
  60. Jenna Schender of Waterloo
  61. Megan Hammer of Waterloo
  62. Jordyn Weber of Jesup
  63. Diana Barker of New Hartford
  64. Rory Geving of Waterloo
  65. Chad Vierow of Shell Rock
  66. Curt Jensen of Trear
  67. Kendall Daniels of Waterloo
  68. Scott Johnson of Denver
  69. Nick Pfeiffer of Waterloo
  70. Del Ludden of Waterloo
  71. Mike Morehouse of Waterloo
  72. Jason Noland of Waterloo
  73. Shannon Ford of Trear
  74. Ellyne Gray of Waterloo
  75. Ashley Kleinhans of Cedar Falls