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Iowa Woo Football Team Ready to Go in Waterloo

A special event was held at the National Cattle Congress Hippodrome Wednesday to formally introduce the Iowa Woo prior to their inaugural Arena League game in Waterloo this weekend.  It was announced last year that the Woo would be a part of the new league and all home games would be played at the Hippodrome.   Co-owner Julia Stone says she’s amazed by the enthusiasm by the Woo fans.

Co-owner Jeff Holmes echoes those sentiments.

The Iowa Woo will host the Minneapolis Warriors in the first game Saturday and Stone says they’re ready to play.

Arena League Advisor Tommy Benicio was also on hand for the event, and says it’s been a fast year since the original announcement.

The Woo will play against teams from Duluth (Duluth Harbor Monsters), Kansas City (the Kansas City Goats), and Springfield, MO (the Ozark Lunkers).  Teams that will be added next year will be from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Team on the field at the special welcome event.




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