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One Dead After Sumner Standoff

Nearby School Canceled Classes For Safety Reasons

An incident near Sumner-Fredericksburg High School early Friday morning ended with one person dead and another injured. Bremer County Sheriff’s officials say Sumner Police reported to the home around 7:30 AM where 65-year old Bruce Kuhlmann barricaded himself in the home near the school with a firearm. A woman was inside at the time, but was able to escape from the home. 58-year old Sharron Kuhlmann was taken to the Sumner hospital with multiple gunshot wounds. She was later airlifted to University of Iowa Hospitals in Iowa City and is reported in stable condition. Law enforcement was in a standoff with Bruce Kuhlmann for about 4 hours. Sheriff’s investigators say the situation ended after he took his own life. For safety reasons, Sumner-Fredericksburg Community Schools canceled classes for the day due to the situation. Investigators say more information may be provided about the incident next week.

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